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a wild magpie appears

hi. i'm kelsey. i play red team, i'm always renegade, and peace is a lie, there is only passion. biggie is better than Tupac. peanut butter is gross; moist is a weird word. gin and tonics always get served with lime. kim kardashian and kanye west will create the antichrist, but our souls will be saved by blue ivy.

you can call me magpie.

larp writing tumblr

i thought people might like to see some of the stuff i’ve been working on lately. we’re in the process of finishing up the packaging for this stuff, but i love the rebelle line. i am all for gender neutral products, but they did the next best thing of actually just asking a bunch of girls what they wanted. crazy. now if it was just less pink.

also the mission central app is really neat! pretty clever idea.

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    Nerf gives the girls their shot
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    So….even though I’m adverse to the color pink, I think some feminists need to understand that some girls are...
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    This is SO COOL!
  6. biasanduntrue said: i want that goddamn crossbow
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